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Please submit any corrections or missing details you may have. Posted on June 20, Brought to you by yasabe. You can also make a payment or pick up and exchange equipment. Posted on June 19, Posted on January 03, Brought to you by localcom. Be the first NJ. Posted by Francisca Ortiz on November 13, Brought to you by facebook. Posted by Joe Tasco on July 30, Terrible service, and customer service is even worse, it pisses me off that I'm stuck with this company unless I go to satellite, because I have no other options in my area, otherwise I'd be long gone!

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Posted by Wes Williamson on June 02, Four techs later I found out wiring below the ground has been messed up for a long time and no one wanted to tell me that they hooked me into my You can control Fios with Amazon Alexa too. Internet Speed: Since Fios is built on a newer fiber-optic network, it can deliver significantly faster internet speeds than Xfinity. However, for most households, the internet speeds that Xfinity provides are sufficient. Skip to the Internet section.

First, because Fios can deliver faster upload and download speeds across their base packages. To match Fios internet speeds with Xfinity, you need to pay significantly more for their fastest speeds. Second, Fios consistently outranks Xfinity in independent customer satisfaction studies. But the part I like the most about Fios, they are almost always offering exclusive deals if you buy online.

XFINITY Trenton, NJ 1-(877)-256-4814 - Xfinity TV Internet Voice Comcast Cable Deals

You can check out their current deals on Verizon. Current Deals Installation Process 1 hour on average. Up to 6 hours.

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On Demand , titles. Before comparing the costs and packages that Xfinity and Fios offer, make sure that both are available in your region.

Comcast expands Internet Essentials to almost 3 million more low-income households

As of , Verizon Fios is only available in the following eight states plus Washington D. Fios is expanding its network and into new neighborhoods every month. Check their availability map or type your zip code into their availability checker to see if they are available at your address. Xfinity is the largest residential cable and internet provider in the United States and is available in over 35 states.

More than likely, Xfinity is available where you live. Enter your address on Xfinity. A significant factor in choosing between Fios and Xfinity is customer service. No one wants a TV and internet provider that is difficult to deal with when issues arise. If you ask one person they might say Fios customer service is excellent , I was able to get ahold of them quickly, and they solved my problem.

Then you ask the next person, and they say, Fios customer service is terrible, I waited 30 minutes to talk to a rep. Reviews online skew negative because people that have negative experiences tend to be the loudest, and venting on the internet makes them feel better. If a customer service rep answers you call right away and quickly solves your problem, are you going to post about it online? Probably not. If you get put on hold for 45 minutes and the customer service rep is rude to you, might you complain on social media or in a forum?

The good news is that both Fios and Xfinity are fully aware that customer service is essential, and they are both making significant investments to improve it. Most of their efforts are focused on enabling customers to either solve their problem with easy to navigate online resources or make it easy to connect with a representative through phone, text, email, and webchat. Below that message is a search bar where you can type in a question. Those links send you to pages with detailed information about each topic.

Within each category are links to the most common questions and information. You can also post your question and hope someone in the community can answer it. There are over 5K solutions posted in this forum. If you are not able to find a solution yourself, you have options to contact a Fios representative via phone or webchat. When you go to the Contact Us page , it asks you to categorize your inquiry so they can connect you to the right person. Once you click on the category, it asks you to get more specific about your issue. After you specify what you need help with, it provides links to information and forums on the topic.

They would prefer that you self-serve, however, below the links are options to either connect via webchat or call an number.


Xfinity redesigned their customer support page, Xfinity. They organized the site by product TV, Internet, Voice, Home, Mobile and, within each product category, they have subcategories with links to step-by-step articles that explain how to troubleshoot your issue without picking up the phone. On their contact us page , you can schedule a call, initiate an online chat with an agent, find an Xfinity store location, or visit their status center where you can get updates on any significant outages.

You can also call their customer service number. Fios and Xfinity have tons of data about common customer pain points and understand the common reasons why customers pick up the phone and call customer service. By creating these resources, Fios and Xfinity reduce their expenses by fielding fewer calls and enabling consumers to quickly and easily get answers to their questions. Both providers have done a great job evolving their online experience and provide multiple channels for consumers to get in touch with live reps. There is not much distinction between the two in this category, although, Xfinity allows you to schedule a call and find a store location, Fios does not provide these options.

While customer service can be subjective and will vary based on each experience, customer satisfaction is measurable and is tracked over time by independent research companies like ACSI and J. ACSI has been in business for decades and is considered an authority on customer satisfaction benchmarking.

Power, another leader in market research and consumer insights, conducts an annual U. Power U. Residential Internet Service Provider Rankings for see the full results here. Rating Factors: Overall satisfaction, performance, reliability, cost of service, billing, communication, customer service. Residential Television Service Provider Rankings for see the full results here. Rating Factors: Overall satisfaction, performance, reliability, cost of service, programming, communication, billing, customer service.

When evaluating Fios and Xfinity, nothing is more frustrating than trying to compare the all-in costs. Since the total costs depend on where you live, the number of TVs, packages, and deals at the time of purchase, the easiest way to determine how much you will pay is to look at each cost category installation, equipment, services, and other fees individually. Before I dive into the details of each cost category, here is a quick snapshot of the total costs of Xfinity and Fios.

If you order online, they waive the fee. If you order over the phone and ask them to remove the installation fee, most of the time, they will. Xfinity gives you two options for installation, do-it-yourself or professional.

Comcast bills will rise percent, but check your fees. That’s where the hikes hit hardest.

To use Fios internet, you need to either buy a router which is cheaper if you buy from Amazon vs. Prices are always subject to change, but this will give you a good idea of how Fios and Xfinity service costs compare. Fios has seven different TV-only packages. Here are the prices for each.

Xfinity offers five TV-only packages. To see the channels included in each Xfinity package, visit xfinity. You can reach them at To compare the cost of Fios vs. Xfinity TV packages, the best number to look at is the cost per channel cost of the package divided by the number of channels. Excluding the very basic package from Xfinity Choice TV , the average cost per channel with Xfinity is 36 cents, while the cost per channel with Fios is 28 cents. Xfinity gives you seven different internet options to choose from:. Jersey City Internet customers enjoy everything the Web has to offer with Xfinity service, including downloading HD movies, uploading photos, streaming TV shows or simply surfing for fun.

Hotspots Stay connected, even when you're on the go Great news for fans of fast Internet! Jersey City, New Jersey hotspots are better than ever! Jersey City hotspots users on the go now have access to reliable WiFi hotspots from Xfinity all around the city. UP to 10 Mbps. Gig-speed internet from Xfinity is Here Perfect for today's ultra-connected, smart household, providing the ultimate WiFi experience with speeds up to 2GB.

Learn About Gig-Speeds. Benefits Benefits. Xfinity xFi gives you the ultimate control of your home WiFi network with easy-to-use tools across your mobile device, laptop, and Xfinity X1.

Optimize coverage throughout your home and even pause access to your home WiFi network at dinner time. You shut off my mother's service on Mother's Day after I told you that we never received any bills from you. I am switching service ASAP! I asked five times to clarify. Xfinity ugh Why does my WiFi crap out five nights a week around Seriously you are pushing me back to Fios. Very disgusting evil company with the worst home and cellular service comcast Xfinity comcastcares. This was an xfinity problem. Nothing can earn her favor, except new marching orders from Comcast.

Intermittent drops all day long. Got it sorted pretty fast.