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Friskies Gravy Flavor Cat Food

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It has pretty big sized shrimp in it. I was surprised! My cats licked the bowl clean! I love the packaging -- it's so convenient. Definitely recommend! With Friskies, your cat really can have it all. Friskies Cat Food. New Farm Favorites, Only at Walmart!

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See Farm Favorites. Download this coupon and save money on Friskies scrumptious variety of wet food. Get Coupon. Since he wasnt backed up and it was thought to be severe dehydration he was givin a fluids injection and anti-nasea shot. Also that first visit they were having trouble restraining him then he came home and peed blood in the shower.

So we force fed him friskies prime filet cuts ckn and gravy. He been eating that since the end of Oct.

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A year ago I read many comments similar to the ones here about how sick it was making cats. So a year ago I stopped feeding it to him. He ate that food for about 10 years prior to switching to Sheba wet food. He was seeming dehydrated hard sm. I wish I would of found this site before switching back to friskies again.

In the only cats vets office on tues. So they gave him fluids and bloodwork without having to sedate him thankfully. The next day we started iv fluids and the bloodwork came back, just not the urine test, I wish it had cause he had Ecoli infection. They said on went. They felt he was having kidney disease complications. And said to come back for 3 more days of iv fluids. He wasnt eating and had to be force feed with special wet food from the vet for his kidneys.

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Unfortunately the vet never fed him and we were only getting a half of can a day in very sm. Also he was peeing himself cause he was so weak. By Friday morning he had a seizure and when we got him to the vet they gave him oxygen and bloodwork and they said he was more anemia and and now the kidney numbers were higher than the tests are able to read and he was lathargic and peeing himself.

Friskies cat food $0.16 a can!!!!

So they suggested we put him down. Unfortunately it was the day after we let him go that the urine test came back and revealed that he had an extreme e coli infection in the urine. All he was eating toward the end was friskies prime filet cuts ckn and gravy. Water dish cleaned all the time indoor cat.

And so frustrated were could he have gotten e coli?? This is wrong our beloved pets are being poisoned by eating!!!!! I bought a bad of Friskies dry cat food two days ago and since then all three of my cats are throwing up after eating it! My dog got into their food bowl and she is throwing up toooooooooo! I had used Friskies wet cat food for years with my cats now all 5 of them will not eat it. What happened to your cat food???

I give it to them and wind up throwing it away. Good by Friskies!! I am having the same problems with Friskies canned for cats. These flavours are all the 5. I took one cat into vet and I come home today and my other cat is throwing up. Something bad is going on. What is going on. If hungry feral cats refuse it what wrong. A co-worker befriended a feral cat at the University where we work.

After a few months the cat suddenly became lethargic and vomited every time it ate. The cat was wasting away. He had the cat caught and put down by animal control. He was feeding the cat Friskies Flaked with Tuna and Egg. Best by date November lot number P L Long story short he gave me the remaining unopened cans of that food.

The very first can I fed my cats they started showing the same symptoms and started vomiting after eating. I went back to the old food I was feeding mine and they recovered within three days.

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Something is very wrong with that flavor of Friskies food. I have been using Friskies for years, but it appears that several of the products are not meeting the taste buds of my Siamese cat, 5 years old. She refused to eat Chunky Chicken and Turkey with garden greens, beef, chicken or Saucy Seafood bake. She scratches around the bowel to cover it up. She eats Science Diet chicken dry food and loves it. I give her just 1 heaping tsp. She hates pate foods which to me would be easier to lick. Some of the meats do look funny like the beef.

Are you really using real meat, that is the question I have? Friskies has a significant quality control issue. Hundreds, possibly thousands of complaints of cats getting sick and Friskies denies any issue. Sadly this is a popular food due to price point and colony cats are fed this almost exclusively and they will be the ones least likely to receive medical care.

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Boycott Purina!! Went into this site as it advertised information about a recall for Friskies 20 ounce Original Party Mix, but after reading about every Other product, Still NO information or Recall notifications for Friskies 20 ounce Original Party Mix! I guess some people have to vent.

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Same for coupon Venders who advertise they have coupons, but Never do!! I feed Whiskas dry cat food. My cats love it. I always have fed Whiskas and my cats have lived long, healthy lives with no diseases and no vets. Only used flea meds. Whiskas is cheap junk.

You get what you pay for. My 2 cats are refusing to eat the new cans of Friskies Pate with gravy no matter what flavor they just walk away from it after they sniff it. I have had to throw away the cans and open the original Pate which they gobble down.

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  • Your machine the cuts the Shreds is not working properly as the Shreds have been in very large pieces I have to chop it up for my older cat as big chunks fall from her mouth. Now I check it before I feed her. I thought this was just a can but it has turned into lots of them.