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Title 3 Contract. Title 4 Conditions and specification of time. Title 5 Agency and authority. Title 6 Consent and ratification. Division 4 Periods of time and fixed dates. Division 5 Limitation. Title 1 Subject-matter and duration of limitation.

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Title 3 Legal consequences of limitation. Division 6 Exercise of rights, self-defence, self-help. Division 7 Provision of security. Book 2 Law of Obligations. Division 1 Subject matter of obligations. Title 1 Duty of performance. Title 2 Default by the obligee. Division 3 Contractual obligations.

Title 1 Creation, subject matter and termination. Subtitle 1 Creation. Chapter 1 Scope of application and principles applying to consumer contracts.

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Chapter 2 Off-premises contracts and distance contracts. Section b Off-premises contracts. Section c Distance contracts. Section e Violation of information obligations as to costs. Section f Copies and confirmations. Section g Right of withdrawal. Chapter 4 Deviating agreements and burden of proof. Section k Deviating agreements and burden of proof.

Subtitle 3 Adaptation and ending of contracts. Subtitle 4 Unilateral rights to specify performance. Title 2 Reciprocal contracts. Title 3 Promise of performance to a third party. Title 4 Earnest, contractual penalty. Title 5 Revocation; right of withdrawal in consumer contracts. Subtitle 1 Revocation. Subtitle 2 Right of withdrawal in consumer contracts. Section c Legal consequences of revoking contracts for delivery by instalments that are neither distance contracts nor off-premises contracts.

Division 4 Extinction of obligations. Title 1 Performance. Title 3 Set-off. Title 4 Forgiveness. Division 5 Transfer of a claim. Division 6 Assumption of debt. Division 7 More than one obligor and obligee. Division 8 Particular types of obligations. Title 1 Purchase, exchange. Subtitle 1 General provisions.

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Subtitle 2 Special types of purchase. Chapter 1 Purchase on approval. Chapter 2 Repurchase. Chapter 3 Preemption. Subtitle 3 Purchase of consumer goods. Subtitle 4 Exchange. Title 2 Time-share agreements, contracts relating to long-term holiday products, brokerage contracts and exchange system contracts. Title 3 Loan contract; financing assistance and contracts for delivery by instalments between an entrepreneur and a consumer. Subtitle 1 Loan contract. Chapter 2 Special provisions for consumer credit agreements. Subtitle 2 Financing assistance between an entrepreneur and a consumer.

Subtitle 3 Instalment supply contracts between an entrepreneur and a consumer. Subtitle 4 Mandatory nature, application to founders of new businesses. Title 4 Donation. Title 5 Lease, usufructuary lease. Subtitle 1 General provisions for leases. Subtitle 2 Leases for residential space. Chapter 1a Structural maintenance and modernisation measures. Section a Structural maintenance measures. Section b Modernisation measures. Section c Announcement of modernisation measures. Section d Toleration of modernisation measures, time limit.

Section e Special termination right of the lessee in case of modernisation measures. Section f Agreements on structural maintenance or modernisation measures. Chapter 2 Rent. Subchapter 1 Agreements on rent. Section c Costs of heat supply as operational costs, empowerment to issue an ordinance. Subchapter 2 Provisions on the rent amount. Chapter 3 Security right of the lessor.

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Chapter 4 Change of parties to the contract. Chapter 5 Termination of the lease. Subchapter 1 General provisions. Subchapter 2 Leases for an indefinite period of time. Subchapter 3 Leases for a definite period of time. Subchapter 4 Tied dwellings. Chapter 6 Special features when creating apartment ownership of leased residences. Subtitle 3 Leases of other things.

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Subtitle 4 Usufructuary lease. Subtitle 5 Farm lease. Title 6 Gratuitous loan. Title 7 Contract for the loan of a thing.

Title 8 Service contract and similar contracts. Subtitle 1 Service contract. Subtitle 2 Treatment contract. Section a Duties typical of the contract in the treatment contract. Section b Applicable provisions. Section c Cooperation between the contracting parties; obligations to provide information. Section d Consent. Section e Obligations to provide information.

Section f Documentation of the treatment. Section g Inspection of the medical records. Section h The burden of proof in case of liability for malpractice and errors in providing information. Title 9 Contract to produce a work and similar contracts. Subtitle 1 Contract to produce a work. Title 10 Brokerage contract. Subtitle 2 Intermediation of consumer credit agreements. Subtitle 3 Marriage broking. Title 11 Promise of a reward.

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Title 12 Mandate, contract for the management of the affairs of another and payment services. Subtitle 1 Mandate. Subtitle 3 Payment services. Chapter 2 Payment services contract. Chapter 3 Provision and use of payment services. Subchapter 1 Authorisation of payment transactions; payment authentication instruments. Subchapter 2 Execution of payment transactions. Subchapter 3 Liability. Title 13 Agency without specific authorisation. Title 14 Safekeeping. Title 15 Bringing things onto the premises of innkeepers. Title 16 Partnership.

Title 17 Co-ownership. Title 18 Life annuity. Title 19 Imperfect obligations. Title 20 Suretyship. Title 21 Settlement. Title 22 Promise to fulfil an obligation; acknowledgement of debt. Title 23 Order. Title 24 Bearer bond. Title 25 Presentation of things. Title 26 Unjust enrichment. Title 27 Torts. Book 3 Law of Property. Division 1 Possession. Division 2 General provisions on rights in land. Division 3 Ownership.