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Your invoices will come from GreatCall. Coverage and service is not available everywhere. Other charges and restrictions may apply. Screen images simulated. Based Customer Service. However, for calls to an Operator in which a service is completed, minutes will be deducted from your monthly balance equal to the length of the call and any call connected by the Operator, plus an additional 5 minutes. Monthly minutes carry over and are available for 60 days. Monthly rate plans do not include government taxes or assessment surcharges.

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Prices and fees subject to change. We will refund the full price of the GreatCall phone and the activation fee or set-up fee if it is returned within 30 days of purchase in like-new condition. We will also refund your first monthly service charge if you have less than 30 minutes of usage. If you have more than 30 minutes of usage, a per minute charge of 35 cents will be deducted from your refund for each minute over 30 minutes. The shipping charges are not refundable. Samsung is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co. Its 5,plus light sensors detect subatomic particles called neutrinos— , of them a year.

The discovery could provide a better understanding of black holes and exploding stars, which are thought to have launched the neutrinos. In the past, cultural collisions caused by slavery, exploration, and war have pushed them even further, says Columbia University linguist John McWhorter.

Flight Features

Today, new forces are at play. Languages are trans- formed by technological advances that transcend borders and redefine how we communicate — and with whom. Over the course of the next century, there are going to be only about six or seven hundred. The nnore-connnnon Languages wiLL eat up the ones that are geographically isolated or spoken by only a few people.

Technology and globalization play a big role in this shake-up. The annount of nnedia that we can Listen to and watch nowadays was unthinkable 50 years ago. But technology goes only so far. People will want to connnnunicate nnore spontaneously than any nnachine is ever going to be capable of.

English already infiltrates texting with shorthand Like "LOL. I think ennoji, with those cute Little faces, are fun. They nnake the way people write with their fingers richer. In the future. Language is going to be Less fornnaL— nnore Loose- Linnbed and creative. ALL language changes all the tinne, like in a ganne of telephone. In August, two U. Researchers isolated a protein responsible for biofilnns, BslA, fronn Bocilius subtiiis, a bacteria found in dirt.

Execution When ice creann warnns, the fat and sugar separate like oil and vinegar. This causes trapped air bubbles to escape and ice crystals to nnelt. When scientists added BslA to ice creann, the fat and sugar rennained nnixed, so the nnatrix of ice and air stayed in place longer. The ice creann scooped nornnally but dripped nnore slowly as it warnned. Future No word on palatability yet. Though BslA is safe to eat— BaciLLus subtiiis is used to nnake natto, a fernnented soybean dish in Japan— scientists are still perfornning tests. If the process can be rannped up to an industrial scale, slow-drip ice creann could reach the freezer aisle in as few as three years.

On the one hand, it was a significant breakthrough. Opiates are useful and highly sought-after painkillers. Yet their manufacture still begins with physically scraping sap from the seedpods of opium poppies. That makes them expensive and limited. On the other hand, democra- tizing drug manufacture sounds scary.

Picture Breaking Bad but with yeast. Drug agencies, Oye says, are not remotely prepared to handle a flood of synthetic opiates. That said, the process will become more efficient, as every process does, and when that happens some regulation needs to be in place. In the meantime, scientists will continue to coax painkillers and other drugs from yeast. Synthetic biologists already have a target list of thousands. They will also try to improve and customize the drugs we have. By modifying yeast, scientists could in theory use it to produce less-addictive painkillers, resistance-proof antibiotics, and even drugs to combat cancer.

Aside from the unbreathable atmosphere and wonky gravity, the radiation on Mars could cause brain damage, cancer, and death. Our best bet for survival may be to hunker down in the protection of lava tubes — networks of tunnels created billions of years ago by molten rock. The pits can be meters deep, and the thick walls and lag time make real-time radio communication impossible.

Carnegie Mellon University, along with a spinoff called Astro- botic Technology, has set its sights on a more effective scout: an auton- omous drone. Eventually, they plan to build a robot that can fly and hop through steep passages. That requires the drone to have a largely unprece- dented degree of decision-making without any human input. Hopping would allow it to cover terrain too rough for wheels or treads, without consuming as much fuel as flight. Astrobotic plans to have rovers that act as rolling motherships for planetary drones — storing them during long treks, launching them at the mouth of prom- ising caves, and transmitting the data they collect back to NASA.

Our perspective on science is unique. Like you. The Tianhe-2 crushed the U. The US. That's not unique to the US: Investment has slo'wed worldwide. Beaching exascale will be far harder than achieving historic gains though. We re hitting a power wall says Steve Scott, chief technol- ogy officer at supercom- puting firm Cray. Improvements in power effidency aren't keeping up vdth Moore's Law. Scott says, we may need to rethink computing. But that means I figuring out how to break down a computational problem into tiny parts for separate and nonsequential processing — a nightmare for software developers.

Which explains why such a leap has not yet been made. The U. In July, the Obama administration established a National Strategic Computing Initiative to get back into international running. No longer vidil agencies pursue Isolated and arguably underfunded supercomputing goak — so long as Congress ponies up the extra cash. The aim is to coordinate govern- ment agencies, academic institu- tions, and private companies. If we can com- bine the U. Choose the plans that best fit your needs with the freedom to change them at any time. We can even transfer your existing phone number for you at no extra cost.

New service activation on approved credit. Cellular service is not available in all areas and is subject to system limitations. Terms and Conditions subject to change. Providers pay a royalty fee to AARP for the use of its intellectual property. These fees are used for the general purposes of AARP. Some provider offers are subject to change and may have restrictions. Please contact the provider directly for details. It uses two or nnore base stations to track your position as you nnove around a roonn.

Hand controllers let you grab objects in the virtual world and throw thenn across the roonn, if you want.

First-person view

The Vive is powered by the new digital ganning distribution service, SteannVR, which was built by ganning powerhouse Valve. For now, Vive is stiLL a developer edition, but HTC pronnises that the headset will hit shelves before the end of the year. It's the first to include a 6K image sensor— a higher resolution than most monitors can display- giving filmmakers more flexibility while editing.

The quality is so good, scientists recently shuttled one to the Interna- tional Space Station to film experiments. The trick is in the nano- crystals, which are layered on cheap-to-produce blue LEDs and allow more backlight to shine through to viewers. That means sharper contrasts, more-accurate color, and brighter images fill the screen. There are no DVR capabilities with Sling, but the upside is there are also no contracts.

It prmddes the highest contrasts and color range of any projector ever. The Hero 4 Black records ultra-high-definition video at 30 frames per second and HD video at frames per second— fast enough for detailed slow-motion. The camera pairs with an app that lets users frame shots or review footage on the go. The GoPro Hero4 Black has also been used to film parts of the feature film The Martian, and if it's good enough for that, it's probably good enough for you. The ZTE Spro 2 kills cables altogether. It's a portable 4G LTE hotspot.

Android device, and wire- less projector in one. The size of a book, the Spro 2 has a 5-inch touchscreen that runs the full Android OS, meaning you can project any app such as Netflix and Instagram. The device can also provide Internet for up to 10 devices. Users operate Meccanoid using a voice- command system. They can teach it new moves by moving its limbs like a puppet or using a drag-and-drop avatar in its companion app. Makers can rebuild Meccanoid into any num- ber of forms, including a scorpion, raptor, and more. It also doubles as a ganning console and runs on Android TV— so thousands of nnovies and gannes are already available.

Star Wars fans could only imagine what it might be like to battle in the snowy tundra of Hoth or the deserts of Tatooine. In Star Wars Battlefront, they can finally play out their favorite scenes or rewrite history in this fictional universe. The game allows up to 40 players at a time, meaning there's plenty of warzone action. Oh, yeah. And you can play as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

May the Force be with you. Philips embedded a calibration system in each, so volume and balance self-adjust to provide the best sound possible. The two wireless speakers can also be moved to different rooms, morphing into portable Bluetooth speakers.

That means you'll spend your next movie night engulfed in sound rather than huddled around the television. Our iPad edition is now included in your print subscription. How to claim your iPad subscription: 1. Download the free Popular Science app from the iTunes app store if you have not done so already.

Use one of the 3 options to enter the information associated with your subscription, as requested. You will receive a password sent immediately to your e-mail address.

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Press the Rotary symbol in the upper right corner of the app front page to sign in using your e-mail address and the password you were just sent. You will be able to access your digital issues immediately. You may change your password as you choose after signing in. To start a new subscription to Popular Science, go to www. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Rather than rely on computer graphics, director J. We spoke with Matt Denton, electronic design and develop- ment supervisor, and Josh Lee, senior animatronic designer, about the inspi- ration and inner workings of the most iconic science-fiction robot in years.

Zano Selfie Drone Crashed: Tech News Today 1392

Popular Science: How was BB-8 conceived? Josh Lee: It was J. We first saw it as a sketch on a napkin that had been scanned and ennaiLed over to us. It caused a Lot of head-scratching about how we would achieve it on set. So the first thing I did was build a nnodeL out of polystyrene and anything I could Lay nny hands on. I just wanted to get the nnovennents down— the ball rolling, the head pitching. Instantly it was full of character.

PS: What did you do to give the robot personality? Lee: You can cock the head. You can roll with the head pitched forward, which gives it a Look of intent. As you go around a corner, you can lean the head into the corner to Look controlled— but if you Lean away, it Looks wacky. Matt Denton: In aninnatronics, our goal is to nnake robots not Look Like robots nnost of the tinne.

We try to nnake it Look ennotive and expressive. Like an aninnal. To nnake BB-8 Look sad, you can just drop the head. ALL you have is a head— there are no eyes— but you can do a Lot with that. Lee: When we were researching how to technically achieve this design, we thought of several ways of doing it. In nny spare tinne— weekends and evenings— I started working on it.

And then Matt and I built a proof-of- concept nnodeL and showed it to Neal Scanlan [the head of the creature shop]. He showed the producers, and they released a bit of nnoney to nnake it look like an actual BB PS Does it work in the same way as the Sphere toy? They roll all over. You need to precisely puppeteer it. And that was a big challenge- figuring out how to get rid of all the wobble in a sphere nnechanisnn. Denton: The crew and the cast got really fond of it. People would sort of chirp at it as we carried it past. On its last day on set, it wrapped like an actor would and got a round of applause.

PS: Do you think it will invoke the same love in fans? So we came up with seven versions for the film— three main ones and some variations.

Linked List: December 2015

PS: How were they different? Lee: One was the wiggler. We would bolt that to the set or bury a baseboard in the sand. Then we built the trikes because we needed a stable driving version. We motorized the ball and had the head move around on top by means of a curved track system. Motorized castors on the back allowed us to steer it.

That version could go over pretty much any terrain. The only thing that defeated it was deep, very fine sand. And then there was the puppet, which had an axle going through the ball, rods coming out, and a track system for the head. A puppeteer in a blue or green suit would hold the rods, and have very fine control over the head and ball. Lee: Yes, in production we used those props. That makes everyone safer. It also hints at the potential for hands-free driving. That helps make the frame stiffen which enhances performance. Luxury details also make the car feel like it belongs in a pricier class: Massage seats for rear passengers are helpful on long rides, LEDs in the moon roof mimic a starry sky, and programma- ble scents, like "woody," emanate from the dash.

There's nothing to wear, nothing to turn on. All you have to do is sleep. Now there's even an adjustment for that. Some even have a Snore feature that may temporarily relieve mild snoring in otherwise healthy adults. Upholstered furniture sold separately. Prices subject to change without notice. Pictures may represent features and options available at additional cost. Not all bed models are displayed in all stores.

Beds and bases not available for in-store pickup. Additional, non-refundable shipping and delivery fees apply unless otherwise stated. Shipping and delivery fees do not include return shipping. It will replace the beloved and hated Humvee in coming years. The truck, which can carry more than the Humvee, uses bomb-resistant shaping and shielding similar to bigger and heavier tanks. The car acts like a co-pilot. With radar, cameras, and lane-drifting sensors, it will alert a distracted driver to pay attention, warn if you're about to strike another vehicle, and take control to prevent a crash.

And if the car leaves the road, the seat frames crumple down- ward and the seat belts tighten to reduce the risk of serious injury. It's fast: It races from 0 to 60 in 3. It's safe: The bottom-mounted battery panel gives it the lowest center of gravity meaning less chance of rollover of any SUV made. And it's slick: Falcon wing doors and a curved windshield make sure you'll be the envy of any driver— especially other soccer dads. It has created a three-nnotor systenn for the NSX that nnaxinnizes handling, responsiveness, and fuel econonny. It connbines a nnidnnounted twin-turbo V-6 engine with an electric nnotor— which delivers zero-delay accelera- tion— and with a nnotor at each front wheel.

The new mirror in the CT 6 stands apart. With the flick of a switch, drivers can convert it into an HD display. A cam- era captures a live stream from the car's rear, which im- proves field of vision by percent. The camera can enhance low- light scenes, manage brightness, and minimize glare. Super- chargers usually appear only on niche racing bikes. But they tend to be big and heavy.

Kawasaki made a light, compact unit with 3-D-printed parts. By using carbon-fiber shafts and 3-D joints for the chassis, a car can be assembled in minutes. Google Android Auto Best Smartphone Interface Automalvcrs continued to roll out systems to streamline the linlv between car and smartphone this year. Android Auto wdns. It uses voice commands to mal'ce calls, select music, and get directions. In the development of autonomous cars, speed is critical. Just like their human counterparts, robot drivers will need to respond instantly at high speeds to changing road conditions.

Then it started to creep into industrial computers and even phones. The Amazon Echo acts as an intelligent hub for the house, linking together other smart appliances with a voice interface. Once set up, it listens passively at all times. When someone says the wake word— Alexa— it snaps into action. For now, those actions are limited to simple operations, like reciting your calendar events, queuing up your favorite playlist, relaying weather or sports scores and, of course, ordering household items from Amazon.

Hal , eat your heart out. You can turn your Ihdng room into a gaming studio or draw on physical olTjects. Its WireFree Earbuds work with a transmitter that plugs into a standard headphone jack and have a range of 50 feet. And you don't have to worry about distortion.

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HearNotes uses Kleer Technology, which was built specifically to deliver lossless, uncompressed hi-fi stereo audio. The Raspberry Pi 2 is six times faster than its predeces- sor and packs double the mem- ory into the same credit-card size. Best of all, the price is still right.

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  • The 2-foot-taU robot can serve as a rolling home-security system, remote control for your gadgets, and personal assistant. It sees, hears, and speaks through an 8-inch tablet that serves as its face and brain. The DJI Inspire 1 makes it a whole lot easier. The 4K video camera— a first for a consumer drone— sits in a proprietary gimbal system and can be modified with cus- tom lenses.

    But perhaps its best feature is that two users can operate it simultaneously: One can fly while the other controls the camera, making it easier to get the perfect shot. USBType-C supports double the data-transfer speeds, cuts charging time by four, and is finally! The small infrared camera is not as detailed as the thermal cameras used by handymen, but it more than gets the job done, whether that is detecting insulation leaks, frozen pipes, or taking some really far-out selfies.

    Prepare to see this port everywhere. For all the bluster around smartwatches this year, most come with an Achilles heel: They need to be charged once or even twice a day. The Pebble Time lasts for 10 days on a single charge. The secret is the watch's highly efficient color e-paper display, the first one in a consumer gadget. Bonus: It's easier to read the display under varied light conditions.

    The iPhone 6S adds another with 3-D Touch. The fea- ture uses a sensor to detect the amount of pressure applied by a user's finger. Message previews, status updates, and other shortcuts pop out of apps when the screen is pressed firmly. For now, only a handful of the most popular apps use 3-D Touch, but it's only a matter of time before it too becomes part of our everyday lexicon.

    Hands-free and always on to read the news, answer questions, play music, check traffic, weather and much more. Just ask. Who is Nikola Tesla? Some are helpful. Some are creepy. Amy and Andrew Ingram To manage the headache of inbox overflow, startup x. He is now safely back on Earth. Aiko Chihira The humanoid robot made its debut last spring in Japan.

    It greeted peo- ple, but could not field ques- tions. A future in politics, perhaps? Using machine learning, it pays attention to your emotions and reacts appropriately. AI The new iPhone is here. All rights reserved. All other marts are the property of their respective owners. The 3-inch cylinder fastens to the back of an existing deadbolt, leaving the outside appearance of your door unchanged. Once attached, a Bluetooth signal from your smartphone can flip the mechanism to unlock the door. A guest with a smartphone and an August app can enter once you've granted them access.

    No more passing out hard-copy keys, which are much harder to revoke— and easier to lose. The Smart Lock lets you pick days and times for guest entry, so the dog walker can get in only during lunch hours, or your weekend Airbnb guests lose access once their stay is over. Plus, you can set the Smart Lock to bolt automatically every time the door shuts. And should anything fail, the old key still works. The software is designed to be indestructible too. While no system is truly hack-proof, Turing has made breaching their flavor of Android so computationally expensive that they think hackers won't bother trying.

    And when users dial other Turing Phones, the calls are fully encrypted end to end— no third-party authentication necessary. Enter the hoverbike, a mash-up of a motorcycle and a quadcopter. Malloy Aeronautics has a working prototype, and this summer, the U. Army Research Laboratory contracted the company to test if the hoverbike could work for soldiers.

    Civilians might want them too: Malloy suggests it could find use among Land inspectors and search-and-rescue teams. Now Sandia National Laboratories and security-technology company Aquila are making it simple to detect.

    Comments » ZANO - Autonomous. Intelligent. Swarming. Nano Drone. — Kickstarter

    They're producing a credit-card-size Lab-on- a-chip that's akin to a pregnancy test: Inject a sample and wait a few hours for a Line to appear. Because the test is portable, samples won't accumulate in Labs— which is a security risk. It will help ranchers around the world detect the disease in their Livestock. Aquila, which is producing the tests in partnership with Sandia, began shipping units earlier this year and plans to adapt the technology for other bacteria Like E.

    The unit cross-references audio it picks up with a library of drone sonic signatures, and sends an alert if it finds a match. DroneShield has installed its ears in the sky around office buildings, prisons, airports, and private homes. But PGP can be tricky to set up. Enter Peerio, which provides easy-to-use PGP-level encryption for messages and file storage. Just download the software, have your would-be communicants do the same, set up a secure pass phrase, and chat away. But there's only so much intel dispatchers can convey that way.

    It's the first police force in the country to do so. Cops get background intel on prior arrests and outstanding warrants at the dispatched address, or helpful details such as whether burglars typically enter it by the back door. However, for the audience at large, pinpoint control of the Dobby is definitely not something they are looking for. Intuitive controls are much more important. There are a couple of ways you can control the drone through your phone. There is also a speech control option as well. While it does not do complicated flight maneuvers, you can tell the drone to takeoff, land, and take photos.

    As long as you have GPS enabled, you can tap and hold on the video button and the drone will hover around your GPS location, zooming in and out. Once you release the button, it will go back to its location before you hit the button. In order to land the drone, you stretch out your palm and hit the land button. The drone will recognize the shape of your palm and automatically land on it.

    However, the brushless motor paddle can hit your finger as it lands, causing a little bit of pain, but nothing too bad. If you do not trust the software to control the drone, you can take manual control. To a novice user, it would be intuitive to fly the drone with the camera facing forward, which in most cases, it is. However, since this is a selfie drone, it would be less efficient to fly the drone with the camera facing forward, then when you want to take a selfie, you either run in front of the drone or rotate the camera or the entire drone.

    Therefore, Zerotech has very intelligently defaulted the direction of the lens backwards, e. This allows the user to fly the drone in a manner much more conducive to selfie taking. However, you can change the camera direction back to the nose of the drone as well. Almost all other non selfie drones have the camera facing in the direction of the nose as there is usually no need for selfies.

    Zerotech has informed us that they will be adding a reminder to display the current operating direction of the drone and camera in order to accommodate both novices and experienced drone operators. This should reduce the number of errors and potential crashes that might be induced while using this selfie drone. For a selfie machine, this function would have been immensely useful and vital when used as a selfie machine as it would be able to follow you while taking selfies.

    We will see if this function is implemented. We checked with Zerotech on whether this is a hardware or software limitation and we were informed that this was software. We will likely see an update to support this function in the near future. If a follow function and Point of interest function is added, the real limit on the Dobby will be in flight camera angle control. The drone is quite good at taking photos, but because the Dobby is small and compact, a motor could not be added to control the camera lens angle without directly interfacing with the drone.

    This requires the user to automatically adjust the lens angle by hand before takeoff, and if you need a different angle, you need to land the drone, adjust the camera and then takeoff again. This turns out to be a very time consuming endeavor that is also very inefficient. Picture quality is simply quite astounding, considering how compact the drone body is.

    Because the footprint of the drone has to be kept at a minimum, a small lens and sensor had to be used. Darker scenes are still captured with fair amounts of detail with minimal grain, as can be seen in the photo below. Although a small lens and sensor had to be used, the camera capabilities are not too far off from larger drones.

    However, if we compare to the front facing cameras, this is a different situation. For the most part, front facing cameras are usually much weaker the rear facing cameras with the exception of a few phones with strong front facing cameras, the Dobby has got them beat. However, when you compare this to a front facing 5MP camera on a smartphone, the Dobby still outpaces them, even in night shots. As a selfie drone, the Dobby does take very satisfactory pictures. Small, autonomous and backed by over , pounds of funding via KickStarter, ZANO has made waves in the world of nano drones.

    The best part is that youll be able to take the best selfies in town with this model. But dont worry, youll be able to do a lot more with this little toy. This spa's expert aestheticians are trained to provide the best and relaxing facials. Because the Zano drone checks in over the internet with Torquings servers each time it powers up to retrieve calibration data and updates, the few drones in the wild were instantly and permanently grounded, like a dastardly robot army foiled in zano drone coupon code The crowdfunded minidrone Zano has not been killed off because of a misappropriation of funds, the device's creator says.

    In an update to its Kickstarter page last week, Zanomaker Torquing Group outlined the ways in which it used the 2.